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1% Full-Service Listings!

Nowhere is it mandated by CT Real Estate law that home-sellers have to pay a listing fee of 2.5% or even 3% to a Listing Broker to sell their homes.

So why pay more?! 

The Internet has changed how people buy and sell homes, but Realtors’ pricing models haven’t. We at Rockoff Realty are able to deliver the same listing services as do other Realtors, but we don’t have their massive cost structures, which aren’t necessary in today’s market.

With hundreds of homes sold all across Connecticut thus far, our 1% listing fee has saved our clients over $1.7 million since we introduced our pricing model in September 2017!

So, whether your home is worth $200,000 or $2,000,000, and located anywhere in Connecticut, with our “1% Full-Service Listings,” we deliver superior service and sell your home for a fraction of the commission, and pass the savings on to you!

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Note: The fee, if any, paid to a Buyer Broker is not mandated by CT Law and is determined by the home-seller.

Home-Seller Savings to Date

Rockoff Realty has the same access to MLS as do all Realtors, and since we are local, we provide the same set of home-selling services. Since we do not have the overhead and cost structure as most other real estate brokers, we can get the job done for a lower commission and pass the savings back to you, the home-seller. With all of the homes sold and money saved by our clients thus far, you can see that Rockoff Realty's "1% Full-Service Listing" is the real deal!

(Note: savings estimate is based on a 1% listing fee vs. 3%)

Clients Savings to Date

Homes Sold with a 1% Listing Fee

Avarage Savings per Client

Our Clients' Savings to Date

Homes We Have Sold in CT with a 1% Listing Fee

Average Savings per Client

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About Us

Rockoff Realty delivers superior residential real estate services to our Connecticut clients. We are experienced, professional, and passionate about what we do!

But what makes us unique and, we believe, the best choice for your real estate needs?

■  Our “1% Full-Service Listings” save our home-sellers many thousands of dollars each without sacrifice.

■  We contribute $100 to our “Realtors for the Rescues” fund each time one of our clients buys or sells a home!

The sales results and client reviews are here for you to read and provide a testament to the terrific and money-saving services we deliver. As a result, Rockoff Realty is now one of the FASTEST-GROWING Full-Service Brokerages in Connecticut!

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