Rockoff Realty has established our “Rockoff Realty for the Rescues!” Fund into which we contribute $100 for every home our clients either buy or sell. We distribute from the fund to our help Rescues in need, be it to help cover the costs of an adoption or medical treatment.

Contributed to the Rescues!

J. J. (Jesse James) is looking for a new homes and needs medical care. He is a 3 1/2 year old quarter horse red roan/appaloosa mix came to SBF with his Mother. Having been exposed to many diseases at the kill pens, JJ had open sores on his hoof and had a special shoe. X-rays were taken and care given. Thanks to sponsors J.J.’s hoof issues were resolved. He is a good little guy that loves to play and be part of the group. He currently needs to be gelded and have his vaccinations. J. J. is up for adoption and longing for his loving forever home. Please help J.J. get gelded and find his forever home…is that yours?

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“Realtors for the Rescues” in Action!