Historically, it was supposed to be a no-no to negotiate commission fees. However, nowhere is it mandated by CT Real Estate Law that home-sellers have to pay a listing fee of 2.5% or even 3% to a Listing Broker to sell their home.  In some cases, they will go lower but in others, they will hold firm. That is why when Kevon and Kathie Rockoff were dominating the real estate market in the traditional model, they decided together, “there has to be a better way.”  That is when Rockoff Realty was born… to give the best possible service while saving sellers money.  The model has worked out very successfully because homeowners are saving money at closing while getting top-notch realty service.

Selling Your Home Doesn’t Have to Be Expensive

Selling your home can be exciting, stressful, and emotional all at the same time. The additional expenses that go with selling a home such as repairs, inspections, closings costs, and commissions can really start to add up.  Of all these costs associated with selling your home, real estate agent commission fees are almost always the largest expense for sellers, averaging over $7,000 in Connecticut!  That is a substantial expense no matter how you look at it. Sellers are often shocked at how high expenses are when selling a home and are surprised to hear that the standard real estate commission rate is not mandated at 2.5% or even 3% so sellers do not have to stack up against such high closing costs.

Rockoff Realty has significantly lower commissions with some of the best real estate agents, so you do not have to worry about negotiating a fee that you are comfortable with!  We always pair you with a top local agent in your area that will sell your house (without sacrificing service) for only a 1% listing fee.

Our local CT realtors are all licensed, experienced professionals and have the same access to MLS Listings as do all other realtors. Hence, our listings get the same home-buyer visibility as any other real estate company. With 155 homes sold thus far, our listing fee of only 1% has saved CT home-sellers thousands of dollars since we introduced our pricing model in September 2017.

So, whether your home is worth $200,000 or $2,000,000, and located anywhere in Connecticut, with our “1% Full-Service Listings,” we sell your home for a fraction of the commission and pass the savings on to you! Contact us with any questions and we would be happy to talk with you about your home!